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                                              VESAK  FESTIVAL

Vesak  is  the  most  im portant  religous  festival  to buddhists. It  is held  in the  month of

may every uear. It marks three im  portant  events  in  the  life of  lord  buddha.  They

are  th  birth  the  enli  ghtenment  and  the  passingaway  of  lord. Buddha  we obserre

“sil”  on  this  day.  We  also  listen  to  serm  ons  and  other re  ligious  talks.  Wedecorate

our  houses  with  vesak  lanterns  and  ot her  decorotions.  We  also  illuminate  our

houses  with  goloured  bulbs.  Pandals  are  erected  at  public  places.  We  go  on 

pilgrimages  to  sacred  places.  All  thege  acts  purify  our  thoughts.S  peoial religi ous

progra  mmes  ares  are  implemented  too  areheld. Letus  live  happily  in peace  and

harmany   on this  im portant  day.


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My friend

                                          My  friend

my  friend’ s  mame  is  w.dilman  chandrakan  tha.  He  is  14  years  old. He study  in

nikawewa  central  collage. He is  in  year  nine. He  has  a  bicycle.He  like  to  eat  cake

and  like  to  drink  fanta.He  like  colour  is white. He  pet name  is “sudu”.He can swim.

He  like  to  free times.  Free  times He  do  read  book .He besr  friend  is  Harsha udaya

bandara. He can  play  cricket. He  is  tall. He can  run. I  like  to  continue  friend  ship

with he.

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MY village

                                               MY   village

My   village  is  galahitiuawa.  It  is  veru   beautiful.  My  village  has  two  tank .Theu

are  galahitiyawa   and  kudawewa. My  village’s  grama  seva  number  is 341.  My

village  has  big play  ground  and  paddy  field.  My  villaga   has  tree  juntion. My  villag

wos   muny  people.  Theu  are   ricn  and   poor.  My  village  was  not onlu  home  bur

also  snop.  My  village ‘  s  has  200   family  my  village  ‘s  oppasite   has  big  Jungale

It  is uery  bealtiful.  It  is pallay  kelaya”  My  village  hasm’t  electricity.  My  village 

people  ore  buddihist.   Myvillage  has  many  children.  they  are  rery  clever.  My

village  eome  to  elepant.  I  Love  my   village  we  must  proteot  our  village. 

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sigiriya1.jpg                                                sigiriya

sigiriya   is   a   old   palace.   It  s   was   top   of   a   rock.   There   was  a  king

kashshapa.   He  is  strong   and  clever  make  veru  beautiful   palace.

Sigiriya  palace  is  made   bu   king   kashshapa.   sigiriua   has  very  beautiriful

pictures.  There   was   woman.  Sigiriya  palace   around    the   river.  It  is

diya   agal   Sigiriua    many   famous    for   pictures  many  tourist  go  there.

Sigiriya  has   many   pond.  King   pasmshapa    and   olher  quing  bathe    this

pond.   We  must  protect   this   old  palace.

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MY school


MY School is NIkawewa central collage. It is Mixture school. It has 800 Students and 50 teachers. MY school ‘s principal Name is mr; S; B; Disanayaka. MY SchooLhas, Libraaru, computer unit, Agreeculture Unit and labotry MY

School has small plau ground and big play GROUND. my school is veru beautitul. My school is 100 years old.

My school start at 7.45 a.m and close at 1.45 p.m. my school has fifteen hallf. My school hasb school falg.

It is very beautiful. we must protect our school. It is our god.

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